For Rugby Clubs

cooperate. That is what we stand for and that is what we are going for.

That is why we are happy to talk to your association about the wishes of the club and of the children at the club. Because of our extensive network, there are many possibilities. Below are a number of possibilities

A rugby clinic for your youth players

Do you want to give the youth a very nice day? Then go for a collaboration with Rugbyspirit. Especially now that the youth has missed so many games, the weekends and holidays are ideal to make some extra training hours. And from whom can you learn more than from the best rugby players themselves?

A clinic can be completed in two ways.

  1. Rugby spirit takes care of the whole day with everything on and off. We supply the trainers, the top players, the program, the materials and in consultation with your catering industry for snacks, drinks and lunch. The children's registrations go through the Rugbyspirit website, the children are insured via Rugbyspirit and the association receives a small fee for the cooperation. The Rugby Clinic is therefore for players from other clubs.
  2. Rugby spirit provides one or more top players and the association itself gives substance to the day. The rugby association itself arranges everything and passes on all information in a timely manner.
  3. A team can also book a clinic for the team itself. This is for both youth and senior teams. Please contact us for this, or view this page.

A multi-day rugby camp at the rugby club

We can also organize a 3-day camp at the association in the summer, autumn, spring or May holidays. Rugbyspirit takes care of all the things that are necessary for the camp and the association receives a fee for the use of the accommodation.

For the rugby coaches of the association

There are also possibilities for trainers to book an evening or part of the day with a top player or top trainer. In a conversation we can determine what needs there is and which player/trainer could fit this theme well. In addition, there is an option to walk with our trainers during the organized clinic days, so that they can get inspiration and tips.

For the older youth/seniors

Are there ambitious teams that like to take an extra step? Top players or top trainers can also be booked for this, who deepen a theme for an evening or part of the day. A really great opportunity to learn more and take steps as a team! Ask us your question and we will find a specialist.