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Calendar 2023 is online!

Will we see you at our educational and challenging rugby camps? It's going to be great, where you learn from internationals, top players and top trainers. Are you there?

Do you, like us, think rugby is the most fun sport in the world? Fast and agile running with the ball, a successful tackle and a nice kick to the other side of the field. But rugby isn't easy. You know that better than anyone. The sport has so many different and challenging facets. So many things to learn and improve. That's why internationals and other top players are going to teach you a lot as a rugby fan at rugby clinics and rugby camps at clubs all over the Netherlands. And who knows, maybe one day you will be on the field, with the whole of the Netherlands watching with admiration. And in the closing minutes you win by your try… Imagine that.

With Rugby Spirit we have a wealth of experience in organizing events, clinics and camps. That's why you are guaranteed a well-groomed, fun and above all educational day, where you notice that you really become a better rugby player. Because who better to learn to play rugby from than from the best players themselves?


Rugby clinics & Rugby camps coming up

During the holidays, various rugby clinics and rugby camps are organized under the guidance of various top players, such as internationals David Weersma, Roberto Warmerdam, Famke Deelstra, Storm Carroll, Jordy Hop, Noa Donkersloot, Quermy Warmerdam, Supartie van Heerde and Samantha Martinez Gion.

You can already register for a number of camps and clinics. You can also participate for one or two days in the events below.

May holidays 2023

Summer holidays 2023

Every top player has his own specialty and transfers it to you. They also tell everything about life as a top athlete. Do you play in the big Orange later?

What does Rugby Spirit do?

With Rugby Spirit we give one-day and three-day clinics at rugby clubs throughout the Netherlands. These clinics are often dedicated to a specific theme. The basics are having fun by really getting better. In the first months of 2021, there were no less than 1700 participants spread over 16 clubs. The training sessions are about internationals and other top players, so you really move forward. Check out which top players provide clinics here. You can also participate in a rugby camp. Learn from the best, to become the best!

Who is rugby camp and rugby clinic for?

You can register individually and you do not have to be a member of the association. You will be divided by age and level, taking into account that you will join a group with your friends. The clinics are for both boys and girls from 6 years to 17 years old. There are also opportunities for seniors to book clinics from specialists per line.

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Rugby fun with friends led by internationals and other top players to really get better. That's the Rugby Spirit!