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This information letter is for all the participants of one or several rugbydays. Didn’t you sign up yet? Follow this link.

We´re looking forward to this day – are you? It´s going to be an unforgettable, educational and super fun Rugby Day. In this letter you will find all necessary information for the day. Do you still have a question? Email us at

Date, location and times

In the email, you will get all information about the location and dates you registered for.

We will start at 9.30 in the morning, but kids are welcome to arrive between 9am and 9.30am. The day is scheduled to end at 16.30pm.

We ask the kids to come by bike if that’s possible. If not, we ask that parents stay in the car when dropping off or collecting. If you have any questions on the day, there will be someone at the gate to help you. If you want to ask this person something, please make sure you wear a mask.

Please note: if you signed up for Wassenaar Warriors for half a day, the day will end at 12.30 and lunch is not included.

Age, level and grouping

The kids will be grouped with kids of a similar age and level. The groups will be about 10 kids, so you will get a lot of individual attention.

What to bring:

  • Your own rugby gear (clothes and shoes)
  • We strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard. If you need any other protection, please bring it with you. We sell Mouth Guards for € 7.50
  • Your own bottle, so you can stay hydrated
  • A rain coat (and pants)
  • sunscreen
  • An extra set of dry clothes
  • If you bring any valuables, please note that it’s at your own risk

Food and drinks

A lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided by Rugby Spirit. We take allergies into account. If you have an allergy and you didn’t write it on the registration form, please let us know:

Pictures during the day

During the day, we will take pictures. We will share these on a closed page after the clinic days, only available for the parents and staff. Some pictures will be used on our social media channels to let you know what is happening during the day. Don’t miss out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

If you don’t want your kid on social media, please let us know by mail.

Training from Top Players

These rugby clinics are led by International Andy Darlington. Additional international players will be announced in the email. They will be supported by NTC-talent and Ereklasse players! It’s going to be great! That’s the Spirit!

Corona protocol

During the clinics, we take all applicable measures into account. The staff will keep a 1,5 meter distance between each other and the kids. There will be sanitizer available to (obligatory) disinfect the hands. If you have any Coronavirus symptoms or generally feel unwell, please stay at home. You can read all about this in our protocol.

Bring your friends and team mates
What’s more fun than playing rugby with your friends? If they didn’t sign up yet, it´s not too late. Registration is still open on our website.

Do you want a cool Canterbury camp shirt of hoody?

If you didn’t pre-order a camp shirt of hoody, it´s still possible to order one. Together with our partner Canterbury, we have made a durable training top. You can still order them (€18,95 euro) by this link. Also, we have a beautiful Canterbury Hoody for sale: €45,-. You can order this one by this link

Looking forward to seeing you at our Rugby Day!

camp shirt
Canterbury clinic shirt – €18,95 – pre-order for your clinic!
canterbury hoody
Canterbury hoody – €45,- – pre-order for your clinic