Rugby day at Emmen

Rugby day at RC Emmen

On Sunday 20 June Rugby Spirit organizes an absolutely fantastic, fun and educational Rugby Day at Rugby Club Emmen. This rugby day is packed with clinics and is led by International Andy Darlington. Are you there at this great end to the season? That's the spirit!

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Rugby day at Rugby Club Emmen

How super cool! End your rugby season with a great rugby day at RC Emmen. This one's on Sunday, June 20th. We're going to have fun for a day by playing a lot of rugby. And we do that under the guidance of the best players we can think of. You can participate from 6 years to 18 years.  Are you there? That's the Spirit!

As a true rugby fan, of course, you think: you had me in rugby…, but to get all over the try line we have listed 10 reasons why you should not miss this rugby day:

The reasons why you should participate in the rugby day at RC Emmen:

  • Reason 1. This clinic is led by Andy Darlington, international of the Dutch Rugby team
  • Reason 2. Other top players from the Dutch Team, the National Training Centre and other honorary class players also come to give you tips
  • Reason 3. The rugby day has a meet&greet, where you can take a picture with the top players and score an autograph
  • Reason 4. The exercises are super challenging and educational and made by international Andy Darlington
  • Reason 5. The varied programme covers several important rugby themes
  • Reason 6. You learn a lot
  • Reason 7. We're going to have a lot of fun together.
  • Reason 8. You can train the home study frustration off. Do you have to lose your energy, too?
  • Reason 9. Because of the circumstances, you missed a lot of games. This is the opportunity to measure yourself again with others and take on a nice challenge
  • Reason numero 10. The day is completely taken care of. You get your own rugby certificate, we provide drinks, food and snacks.

In short: sign up and make sure you don't miss this unforgettable day!

Program of the rugby day at RC Emmen

We start at 9.30 am with an introduction and warm-up. The exercises are 20 minutes and the trainers are at a fixed exercise, giving you tips from different trainers. That makes it extra instructive! In the morning we have a break twice and in the afternoon too. The lunch break takes about 45 minutes. During the breaks we do fun games for the atmosphere and team building, there is an official press conference with the top players and more is told about the road to success.

The rugby day ends with fun, fanatical party forms. Can't you wait for it to start?

Really getting better and having fun

Fun in rugby comes first. Fun is to a large extent in really getting better and developing yourself, but also relaxing in the breaks, fun team spirit activities and challenging activities.

Team spirit is the indispensable ingredient for victory. Our rugby philosophy reflects this thought. Team building and skills training go hand in hand. That's why Rugby Spirit's rugby day is more than just training.

Corona protocol rugby day

We follow the corona protocols of the NOCNSF, Rugby Nederland and the municipality. Parents are therefore unfortunately not welcome on site and are asked to stay in the car. The escorts keep their distance from the children. View our entire corona protocol.


If the measures change or if the clinic cannot continue due to the weather conditions, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

Age, level and layout

The rugby clinic is for children of the turven, benjamins, minis, cubs and juniors. You will be classified by age and level. Of course we take into account that you join your friends in the group. The groups are about 10 children in size, which will give you a lot of individual attention.

For the younger children aged 6-10 there are also other activities, in addition to rugby. After all, variety is important!

For the minis, cubs and juniors, it's really a performance clinic. We're playing rugby all day. Of course, there is plenty of space to relax and unwind in between.

Stay informed?

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